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The Mediation Process

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Most mediations take between three to five sessions, depending on the complexity. However, some mediations are completed in one or two sessions.

Session One

In your first session, Attorney Daniell will meet with all parties to begin the mediation process. Attorney Daniell will ask questions relevant to a full understanding of your situation so that she can guide you towards an equitable and fair solution. You will discuss your individual goals, and, if applicable, goals for your family or business. A Mediation Planner will be provided to you to help you think through some of the immediate and long term issues that you need to address. You have the opportunity to ask any questions, and for Attorney Daniell to help you think through about the information you may need in order to make informed decisions. You will jointly create an agenda of issues you might wish to address throughout the mediation process. When applicable, you will be given, some good financial planning tools to help you to bring needed information to the next session. You will have the opportunity to meet individually with Attorney Daniell if you so choose.

Session Two

You will begin the mediation session. by first addressing your issues of immediate concern. Attorney Daniell will guide you through the issues, and when needed, she will give you legal information to assist you decisions. You will have opportunity to schedule an individual time with Attorney Daniell in a confidential session, if you would like.

Session Three

You will mediate remaining issues and Attorney Daniell will give you any further legal information you need. Advice from associated experts such as financial planners, tax and child specialists may be utilized if you choose. You and Attorney Daniell will assess if further sessions are needed.

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