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With Hampshire Mediation you have power over the decisions that affect your life. In a secure, confidential environment, Attorney Daniell will guide you through the mediation process. All l the issues that are important to you will be mediated in a safe and effective manner. In the first mediation session, you will meet together under the expert guidance of the mediator, and Attorney Daniell will explain the process of mediation to you and answer any of your questions and concerns. In addition, you and the mediator will create an agenda of issues you want to address.

Attorney Daniell will explain what the court requires in agreements. In the second and subsequent sessions, you will come to agreement on the issues that are of importance to you, ensuring that all the legally required issues are addressed to your satisfaction. Attorney Daniell is available to make recommendations in the case that both parties wish for such a recommendation. A private, confidential meeting with the mediator is available if you desire. At the end of the mediation, Attorney Daniell will be available to draw up your agreement and other required documents so that you may file the agreement in court with ease.

Attoney Daniell offers you experienced mediation for never-married parents, marital separation, guardianship issues, property issues, child support adjustments, visitation or parenting arrangements, alimony or spousal support, custody, pre-nuptials and post-nuptials, same sex marriage and divorce, transgender issues, grandparent visitation, college and private school as well as other family-related issues.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, please call:
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